Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday - Wandering - Reading #MFRWauthor #amreading

 Just exploring this a bit for a post on the other blog where I do a monthly bit. Books We Love, one of my publishers.

I am a writer because I was a reader. I read early and that was due to my grandfather. He would hold me onhis lap and read slowly while running his finger beneath the words. My mother says he did this from the time I was an infant and she thought it was funny and foolish. He told her one day I would read. My memories of this time are cloudy and people say memories don't really start at the age of two or below but every time I read or hear John Donne's poetry, I see a picture of a small girl with flyaway hair, neither brown or blonde sitting on a man's lap and hearing things like "Go and catch a falling star" or For whom the bell tolls," and other lines from the poems and sermons of John Donne. My grandfather was from New England, Fall River to be exact. The voice I hear has that accent. I do remember one day when I was three years old and I read to him. His response was "She needs a library card." And so I got one. The librarian thought this was so he could take out books. He shook his head. "She can read and he had me read a passage from a book I'd never seen. This was the first time I had to prove myself but there was another time but that's for a later discussion. By the time I was ninw, I had read all the books in the children's section of the library. Causing a problem and that was one my father solved. That also comes after I had to prove I could read a second time. But enough for now.

Next week the regular schedule will resume provided the next scheduled guest sends me the material I need. I will remine and then nag.

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