Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Series - Bringing Something New #MFRWauthor

Series often have the same character or characters. Revealing how these characters change and grow is important. To have the characters remain the same can make the reader wonder why since people in real life often change. Changes can happen in many ways and show these characters can move forward one step at a time. Sometimes during a series a clue in the first of the books or something just thrown in there for effect can be sued later to show a change in the character.

One way to show a character changing would be to move them to a different location, one where they become a stranger exploring a strange land. During this change in venue the character chan show changes that will show up in later things.

Making a change in an existing relationship can give new depth to the series character can show the character maturing and growing in a new way, Bringing in a new character for interaction with the main character of characters can bring a change.

A lesson learned is also a way to show the series character changing and developing. The lesson should be what's learned in the last book in the series brought into the next.

For the writer, keeping a list or something showing how they want the character to change and develop can be a help. Having a great memory is another. Sometimes a series develops when the writer has no intention of turning the character into a series character. When this happens, there could be make the reader wonder what happened.

I write series where the characters are the same. One is easy to show the characters changing since they begin in their early teens and end up in their late teens. The other is a character who has a well-developed nature when the series begins. Changing venues and relationships are the keys here.

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