Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday's Inspiration - Because I must #MFRWauthor

Often the question is asked, Why do you write? The answer is simple. Because I must. This disease can catch a person at any time in their life. Many writers decide this at a young age. For me I was a dabbler as a child and it was later when I really knew writing was a must.

I have friends who were great writers. Friends who began writing and writing but suddenly they gave up. They always said I want to be a writer. Want isn't enough. I've watched them give up and put their writing away. The other day I was talking to a friend, one who gave up and might even try again. She thought she didn't try hard enough but that wasn't it. She didn't have this part of her that means she has to write. I hope she gets that inspiration and writes because she must.

So, why do you write. Fame is fleeting. Money comes and goes. Desire can fade. So if there's nothing else you can say other than I must. It's nice to have people read your words and if you're one of those who write because they must the day will come for you. So join the company of those who can think of little else than putting words on paper and creating stories.

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