Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday's Inspiration - A Writer Rearranges #MFRWauthor @}#Suspense #BooksWeLove

 Just what does this mean? A writer rearranges. When writing a writer has to depend on what he or she knows. Now this doesn't men as a writer we can't write about anything. There are certain things you know. If you've never experienced grief, you'll have a hard time writing about a grieving character. What you do as a writer is take the things you've experienced emotionally and apply them to the characters you create.

Now I write a lot of fight scenes in my books. I've spent some time learning how to fence so swords and sword fighting often have a place when I write fantasy. But when I write these scenes I can recall the moves but it's the emotions that play a real part in making the scene seem real. The same goes for love scenes, for murders and for many other kind of scenes in a book. What the writer has to do is rearrange these events and plug in the emotions they remember. Not only what they remember but the things that happen around them every day and in the world where they live.

I could write about strikes since I grew up in a home where strikes effected our way of life. I can also write about war, not from first hand experience but from my memories of WWIIm Korea, Vietnam but I might not write about these wars but put the war on another world.

So a writer rearranges what he knows and casts it into a story, plugging in the emotions he believes his characters will experience. Emotions that he or she has felt,

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