Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday's Inspiration - Freedom and Limitations #MFRWauthor

"Don't you wish..." As a writer, sometimes one starts to wonder what would happen if I had complete freedom to hide away and do nothing but write? What would happen if there were no limitations?

If there weren't limitations we probably wouldn't write. One has to have the desire to weave words to paint pictures. But if one didn't have to steal time to write or to even dream up the plans. I've heard people say hwo they envy writers and who feel they could do the same if they had time, I doubt they will because they can't embrace their limitations and find those moments when they can.

Limitations can be a number of things. There are writers who have demanding jobs, who have families with young children or older ones who need their attention. There are all kind of limitations but these writers don't stop writing. They find those moments or they use the moments stolen to think and to plan a story.

Think of the writer who has written a book that becomes a massive best-seller, but that person never writes another story. Why? They have the freedom to create but the limitation of having no money or time or whatever pushed them to write is gone. Instead of looking for another limitation they use their freedom in a sad kind of way.

Another way of having freedom is to retire from the daily job, have the children leave home. Many people then suddenly find themselves without that limitation to goad them to write. What happens is often nothing. So when freedom beckons, find a new set of limitations. Wishing for total freedom is a dream that could turn into a nightmare.

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E. Ayers said...

I had a fortune cookie that said true success is a dream with a rocket engine attached. When I first read it, I laughed, but it stuck with me. I taped it to the refrigerator because it is so true. A little like having a beautiful car but never driving it - you'll never go any place. You've got to work for it to make it happen. Great post!