Monday, May 26, 2014

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters

Meander 1 - Writing The End always gives most writers a great feeling. Being a draft writer I can write this more than once during the creation of a story. For me The End doesn't mean the story is over but the story is ready for rewriting or revisions. Always gives me a kick and goads me to take the story to the next level. What does it do for you as a writer. When I write The End on a story for the final time it means I should get ready for the next story and hope the story will bring great things for me as a writer and a reader. I'm always happy to know when one of my favorite writers has written the end.

Meander 2 I don't like to read reviews of my stories. If they're good, I feel happy for an instant. If they're bad I feel sad for a moment. Reviews are how someone reacts to a story and there are people out there who love to write bad reviews for other authors. Sometimes I write reviews but if I can't give a story a good review, I don't write one. The story has been published so why write something nasty. If you didn't like the story, why bother.

Meander 3 - Toth's Priest is coming to the end of the second rough draft. I had to take the story and do a turn since when I reached the end of the really rough draft there were plot holes big enough to put an ocean liner through. So the second rough draft managed to fill in the holes and to show me where I'd gone wrong. There is a lot of fighting and some nice love scenes sprinkled throughout the story. Since this is the final story of a trilogy, there's a lot of tying loose ends in this story. I'm still enjoying the trip to an alternate ancient Egypt.

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