Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - A bit more about revision #MFRWauthor

Just a few more things to check during the revision process and the book will be ready to go out into the world.

1. Check the proportions - Sometimes the opening scene goes on for pages and pages and sometimes it's scanty. Other times 2 big scenes come one right after another with little time in between for the reader to catch their breath and to absorb the changes in the characters views or goals. Make sure there are valleys after the peaks.

2. Make sure the reader will care about your characters. I know I've done this and I was never sure why the characters I cared for left the reader cold. So make sure your character wants something that resonates with the readers. Also make sure there is an opponent that gives the hero or heroine reason to believe they won't reach that goal. If there is nothing opposing a character reaching the goal the reader won't care.

3. Don't become so tied up with your revisions you avoid going on to a new story. I've had several friends, one who years ago was part of a critique group I belonged to who revised the first chapter of her book so many times she never moved beyond that story. Even when we yelled, "Give it up. Start something new" she never did and she never reached the goal of becoming a published author.

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