Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - There Is No Magic Wand #MFRWauthor

 Wouldn't it be nice if there was a magic wand and one could wave it and there's the book and an author born in an instant without all the hard word? No choices just abracadabra and the the story was finished and you're an author. Not necessarily so.

When one sets out to become an author, there is no boss. Maybe years after beginning, the author has a publisher pushing for more and more stories. The writer's boss is the writer. This means to be a successful writer you have to set your goals and keep on day after day. Many writers have other jobs, the ones that keep food on the table but setting a regular time to write is important. Finding the time that's right for you and once found, stick to it.

Another thing to remember is to set quotas and stick to the quota you've chosen. Maybe one page a day is what you can manage. So your goal is 365 pages for the year. At the end of the time, there will be a book. Finding a place to work. Doesn't mean you have to have some fancy office. If your place to write is on the kitchen table from six to seven AM, make this your place and time. Years ago when I began writing, I did have a room of my own to write. I was also raising a grandchild while her mother worked. She became my gatekeeper and by the time she was a little over a year old, she would tell people, "Go away. Grandma's making words." This is what you need to say to people when you're having your time and place for writing.

Don't push yourself to become a demon writer. This can make the words become harder. You know what you're capable of so stick to it. If one book a year is the most you can do, or even one every two years, stick to that. If you're one of those who can write 2, 3 or however many a year chose your own pace and don't let what others accomplish trouble you.

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