Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday's Inspiration - Seeking The Magic Moment #MFRWauthor

We all look for that moment when the words seem to flow effortlessly from our head to the page. Some writers seem to have this moment every day. For other writers, the moment never seems to arrive. So what's the magic bullet to find this magic moment? There is none. These days, there seems to be a call for writing as many words every day as a writer can. The advent of electronic publishing seems to have escalated the need for a writer who once wrote a book maybe every two or three years to produce one every year. Or the one who has written one to write two. Just what does this mean for any writer.

Something I've seen in my many years is this. Some writers are able to write fast and others to write slow. Years ago when a writer was a fast one, they took another name for their other books. They often had two or three pseudonyms floating about the publishing world. Or they wrote essentially the same story with different character names, setting and a slight tweak to the problem at the heart of the book. Did they search for that magic moment, or did they sit down and decide to just write.

Name recognition has become important these days. So those writers who wrote several books a year are now pressed to write them under their name. Now their books are all published under their name.

What I'm trying to say is there is no magic moment when every word you write is golden. What matters is you find your own pace and write every day.

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