Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday's Inspiration - How You Write #MFRWauthor

Pen, pencil, computer. Does it matter how you write your stories? Much depends on how you think. What really matters is finding the right words. Might even have to do with how your brain is wired or even with habit. What really matters is not the way the words appear but what the words are.  Language slips and slides like a skier on a twisting course down the mountain. The choice of words can embarrass the writer or perhaps give hints to where he was born. Happens when you're talking to people.

Do you stand on line or in line? Do you buy a hoagie, hero or any number of other names for a sandwich that's large and often tasty? Choice of words is important most of the time. Depends on what you want to say. Sometimes, maybe even often, you'll look over what you've written and scratch your head. What does that sentence mean? How did that phrase creep into my work? Not talking about typos where the words miss-typed are really words, but the sentence filled with words without meaning.

Sometimes those words written in the heat of composition make a lot of sense. Sometimes they're so stilted they make you uncomfortable. The fortunate thing is words can always be re-written and the right ones found, the ones that make the reader turn the pages. Now back to the matter of how you write. Does it really matter? Isn't the trick getting the words on the paper so they can be revised until they say what you mean?

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