Monday, March 24, 2014

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters

Meander 1 - Whine. I usually take the weather as it comes but enough is enough. Spring has arrived and they're talking snow again. I have no desire to slog through snow any longer. I do like what snow does to the trees and ground in the barren winter. Still it would be nice to see the giant piles of snow melting and vanish and to see green, not to mention the early flowers, Will they come this year? There is nothing we can do about the weather but sure wish we could. I do like the seasons but winter has stayed too long. One can't shoo it like a cat but still --

Meander 2 - The fun exercise. At Saturday's NJRomance meeting we had a neat exercise where we divided into groups and each had a crime to decide on the villain and the motives. Murder was my group and we brainstormed and discussed reasons for the wife to kill the mistress and how to blame her husband. What a fun time. Though some of the ideas were out there this is a great idea and way to spear things. What would be interesting would be for each of the members of the group to write the story giving it their own twists. Things are brewing in my head and maybe when I finish all the things on my planned schedule I can come up with a suspense story featuring some of what we brainstormed.

Meander 3 - My writing. Typing is moving along. Hope to have it all done and to be able to organize Melodic Dreams for sending to publisher. Am blocking in Toth's Priest and the story is moving along. Have blocked in 8 chapters of 31 and it's looking like there will be about 30,000 words in the rough draft. There are a lot of things in the story like fight, kiss and the like. There may be more physical and magical events in this one since in my Egypt Toth priests and priestesses have learned powers and that's how things are done on a grand scale. Of course there are ny pyramids of  Sphinx but there are camels. One must sacrifice somethings for camels.

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