Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday's Inspiration - More Tidbits on The Writer's Mind

Do you have both a shameless playfulness and earnestness that can be embarrassing. Both are found in the writer's mind. Don't know about you but sometimes lines occur when I'm writing and become part of the story that are sort of twisted but funny. Rather irreverent remarks the characters say that you never would in conversation.

Another quality a writer's mind can display is patience. The kind of patience as you would find when a cat sits for hours and watches waiting to pounce. Spending time waiting for the right expression. I know I've sat with pen in hand thinking and thinking and suddenly the right words form and they move across the page. This I find hard to do on the computer but sitting in my recliner I can spend this thoughtful time until I pounce.

This one is one I cultivate and that's a criminal streak of cunning. Very necessary if one writes mysteries and suspense but also useful in other genres of fiction.  How to take the same old story and make it new takes this kind of cunning. Have you ever been reading another writer's work and thought to yourself, "that's not the wy things should work." then your writer's mind takes and twists that idea and makes it your own. Of course there is danger in this but the cunning mind will find a way to make that idea yours.


Sandy said...

Yes, I have some of those moments, Janet. Smile!

Melissa Keir said...

Thanks for more insights. :)