Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuesday's Inspiration - More on the Writer's Mind

Once again, today we look at more of things that might configure the writer's mind. Reading On Becoming A Novelist by John Gardner is fun and sometimes makes me laugh. So I'll address three more things that might color the writer's way of looking at the world. The good thing is that one doesn't have them all just enough to make those strange connections a writer can discover.

Churlishness. Really liked this one and often makes me think of the song from Porgy and Bess - It Ain't Necessarily So. This ability is one where the writer sees things the average people believes are true and says maybe not. There would never be stories about vampires, time travel and magic if some writer didn't say. I find this a possibility.

Childishness - Playing with ideas, not concentrating on what other people do.  There seems to be a lack of mental focus as the writer explores new ideas. Other people work 9 to 5. A writer with this trait writes when the spirit strikes.

This next one really makes me laugh and actually hits most of us. A tendency to daydream and tell pointless lies. I have a good friend who says this is how her mother categorized her. I believe there was a book on writing titled How To Tell Lies For Fun and Profit. Something like that. Who says the fantasies we've created as writers couldn't be true in some other universe. Or the lies be truth as well.

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