Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday - Rekindled Dreams New Release coming, Missing guest

My Guest for today never sent her material. If I hear from her I'll post both parts tomorrow. So what will I talk about. My new release.

Sometime today Rekindled Dreams, the second of the Moonchild series will be released. The hero, Simon, is an Aries who has several problems. One is his temper and his walking away when things don't go his way. He's learning to control his temper and slowly is becoming less impetuous. Ten years ago, he walked away from Dana. They were teens and he'd faced a disappointment on graduation night having no family to see his achievements. He feels he isn't worthy and this has been drummed into him by his aunt's husband. The death of his cousin enemy brings him back to Fern Lake and into Dana's life again.

Dana is nine months pregnant and 7 months divorced. She loved Simon as a teen, When he didn't return or even send a message, she slowly got on with her life. She married Simon's cousin, Randy but the marriage was doomed from the beginning. When she became pregnant, Randy insisted she abort the child. She refused and they divorced. She decides to visit the funeral home and runs into Simon. His anger escalates and then changes when she goes into labor. He drives her to the hospital. When he sees the baby he falls in love for the second time. With no present job he has little to offer Dana.

He quit his job as a city cop because a superior bungled a drug raid. Simon's partner was killed and he was wounded. The superior refused to honor Simon's request for a transfer to another unit, any one. Simon would even go back to being a "beat" cop.

Now he's back but can he rekindle the dreams he and Dana had as teens? Can she believe in love?

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Melissa Keir said...

Sounds like he still has a bit of a temper. Best wishes with your release!