Monday, December 30, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters

Meander 1 Most people are making resolutions for the new year that's on the horizon. I don't make resolutions since to make them is to break them. What I do is set goals and ones I believe I can accomplish during the time. My first goal is to complete Melodic Dreams and also Priest of Toth. Doing that means I'll put four books up for sale. Anything else I complete during this time is gravy and I do like gravy.

Meander 2 Looking back on the past year has seen a number of books put out for people to read. When I looked at the list I amazed myself. Some of them were re-issues but some were new. Here goes. Re-issues Nurse Karen Comes Home, Moon Summoned, Healwoman. All new Shattered Dreams, Rekindled Dreams, Lines of Fire, The Mocro-manager's Murder and A Spicy Seduction.
That is an amazing number but of course some of the books were completed in 2012 so though it looks like I'm revving on all wheels I'm not.

Meander 3 Work is moving ahead on Melodic Dreams and the story has taken a few twists as usual. The end hasn't changed just the way of reaching that point. This story brings in some things that are personal. Years ago I composed music and have lost all the scores somewhere in the mists of time. I did hear several of them performed in public and that was a hoot. So I sort of know what my hero  in this story feels. The other is my daughter, an OT is helping me with those parts of the story. That also is fun.

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