Monday, December 23, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #freebook

Meander 1 Today and tomorrow Rekindled Dreams    is free at Amazon. The book has remained high on medical romances and went as low as 510 on the leading free book list. Hopefully it will climb higher.

Meander 2 I know alright is accepted but there is something that happens to me every time I see alright rather than all right. I am pulled out of the story for an instant. Perhaps this is because I'm old. Not sure. Guess some changes bother me. Changes abound in life and in fiction. Perhaps I will one day stop re-writing the word and allow the fiction to flow when I'm reading.

Meander 3 As to my writing schedule. Working on Melodic Dreams and the story is moving ahead. I'm doing the second draft where I try to fix all the leaps in time I've made. Sometimes they're not leaps but condensations and I find I have rough drafted in such a way that the time line is off. I imagine for me this is the plot draft where I attempt to have the action flow to the end without a seam being seen. Then it will be on to the Character and Setting Drafts where I tweak those areas and finally to the Language Draft. That's how can I make this more vivid and what are the right verbs and nouns and do I need those adjectives and adverbs. Sounds like this will take forever but not really because the last few drafts are seldom re-writes. So now it's to work.

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