Monday, September 9, 2013

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters

Meander 1 - Been thinking a lot about self-publishing. Not for me. Though I could learn how to do this I really don't want to. There are some very successful people who are publishing their own stories and my hat's off to them for having the courage to do this. The publishing world is in a whirl these days. Electronic books abound, I like the way I'm being published. I have a publisher who understands the trends and who spends the time moving forward with out stories. Am I making a bundle of money, no. Money has never really been where my head's at. But back to self-publishing. I've read some really good self-published books and I've read some really bad ones. But the same goes for every other way of publishing. Traditional and strictly electronic. At my age, I don't have the time to learn all the things needed to be self-published, not with the number of stories still waiting to be told.

Meander 2 Reading. I love to read nearly as much as I love to write. Problem is sometimes I get into a book and reading takes the place of writing. My Kindle is filled with stories. Some I would like to read again. Some I've sent into the cloud or somewhere. There are free books out there and yes, I do pick up some but I also buy other books by those authors if I find the story they've told a great one. If not they become I writer I've read and won't read again. The genre doesn't matter. I read most books but not horror. Though I have read one or two of those because they've been written by friends. I do buy books written by my friends and I hope they buy mine. But I do not do reviews. I will tell them if I enjoy the book. If I don't, I won't.

Meander 3. Cleaned up Healwoman and sent if off to BWL and the book will go live soon. Saw the cover and thought it was a great one. This book is a bit different since I allow the villain and villainess to have a sort of love story. This is a fantasy that skirts the dark fantasy side of the genre. Some people will be disappointed since the hero and heroine don't end up in each other's arms. Perhaps one day they will, if I write the four other stories in the series but that depends on longevity and pushing the writing game harder and faster. Rekindled Dreams may have the plot holes handled. Will know soon but I do think the opening scene is dynamite. Still waiting to hear about a contract for a Spice Seduction. Must write to them this week and see what's happening.

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