Monday, September 16, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters

 Meander 1 - When does teasing become bullying? This has become for me something I have been thinking about and I think I've been bullied. I've been a published author since 1968 and have an extensive back list. I have also been retired from nursing for many years. One or more people have taken to saying I write books with the speed of light. This isn't true and I have said on a number of occasions I do not like this. The response is "I'm just teasing." If I say this bothers me why do these people continue to say this. I'm to the point where I want to draw back from the entire group though there are not many who say the above about my writing. What I do is sit down and write every day going over my goal for the day. I also have as many hours during the day to write. I do not dilly dally. I plan my stories and it takes weeks to months depending on the length of the story. As to the comments, I will confront the person who is the major culprit. Does she really admire me? Of this I am not sure. But when teasing continues after a person states they do not like this, it becomes bullying. This I really believe.

Meander 2 - Have covers for two of my re-released books but can't print them out. Tried but this failed.

Meander 3 - Typing Rekindled Dreams a story about Cancer heroine who was a nurse and hated the job and an Aries cop who can't tolerate incompetent bosses. They are re-connecting after 10 years. She is seven months divorced and nine months pregnant. He walked away after their high school graduation because she wouldn't have sex. She also married his cousin who was his enemy. Can they find love again?

Am drafting the final story in the Amber Chronicles about a prince who loves music more than anything and the witch who wants him to love her. If he refuses he will be sent to another world. This story is called The Amber Cage.

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