Monday, September 2, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters

Meander 1 - Another month has begun. What I've been reading. Reading a lot of Kat Attalla's books that I remember all the beginnings but not the endings since she read them in critique. They have been re-issued by Montlake and were once from Avalon. I also started to look at my old Avalon one that was re-printed. I was able to get away with more than those more recent ones from there. But this is the story that was published even though they had a lot of objections. Am now reading The Eye of God. James Rollins certainly does keep one on the edge of their seats.

Meander 2 Am looking for a car again, not just for me but for my granddaughter who will be living here while going to school. Will be an interesting year.

Meander 3 Writing is going and I'm still grappling with the Aries hero who ends up in trouble with the heroine again and again. Things are about to heat us as Rekindled Dreams moves forward. This story has been an adventure and I've pushed myself forward. That's where things should go, pushing forward, If a writer stands still and puts out the same book over and over, they haven't grown.

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