Monday, September 30, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters - Dates of some free books

Free Books - Just received messages from one of my publishers and some of my books will be free on Amazon in the next few days. Actually,
Haven will be free from September 30th to October 4th. A Double Opposition will be free from October 1 to 5, Lines of Fire from October 3 to 7 and Code Blue from October 12 to 14. Let us see if this will make a splash since I have a lot of books up there. One will only see what will be.

They run the gamut from a YA fantasy to a contemporary romance, to a fantasy romance to a suspense. Eclectic like their writer.

Meander 2 Forgot to title the last one but that's all right. Yesterday, I took the day off and just read, a lot. Read a parody that made me chuckle, a Regency romance that I enjoyed a lot and started a YA fantasy. When I was younger my mother used to say I didn't read, I inhaled. The odd thing about this is that I can remember bits and pieces of all the books I've ever read, even the bad ones. I believe this has helped me when I'm writing since I learned a lot from many authors.

Meander 3 As to my writing, Still working on Rekindled Dreams. The goal is to finish this by the end of October. We will see but I am on target. Hopefully I'll be able to reach the 30,000 word goal I've set for myself. Was happy to see The Micro-manager Murder is up various places. So now it's back to work.

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