Saturday, August 10, 2013

Way behind #amwriting finally

Though I would be on the way to Florida but it didn't happen so I didn't schedule anyone for today. Have started three projects.

The first is the second of the Cancer heroines. This time she's found an Aries hero. Fire and Water can produce steam. He's a cop who just resigned because his boss has ticked him off. Caused his partner's death and Simon's injury. The heroine is divorced from his cousin and was his high school sweetheart.  Dana is seven months divorced and nine months pregnant.

The second has just been blocked in. The hero is a composer whose wife died leaving him thinking she got an abortion. When her younger sister arrives with his four year old son we have Taurus' stubborn nature meeting Cancer's determination.

The third is the opening to the Amber Chronicles and this is because I received the rights back to stories published in Jewels of the Quill anthology. The opening story has to show how the heroine managed to be banished from the world called Amber and her quest for someone to love. Then I'll have to look at the other stories and make some adjustments so this will flow as a single book though with one heroine and five heroes four choose other than her.

Love when the writing is flowing smoothly. Summer seems to be my best writing time.

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