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Saturday's excerpt from His Betrayal, Her Lies by Angel de Amor

Excerpt: His Betrayal Her Lies


Taylor Gallagher knew better, knew that she shouldn’t go through with this but that twitch between her legs reminded her of all the amazingly erotic times she had shared with him.

An hour earlier, Taylor stood daydreaming, looking out the bay window in her kitchen, glad to be home from a long business trip. “This tastes so good,” she said aloud as she sipped her wine.

Drink in hand, she grabbed her purse and headed for the bedroom. The contents of her overloaded Michael Kors leather handbag rattled around as she tossed it onto the nightstand next to her bed. The three-inch heels she had toddled around in all day had worn out their welcome. She stepped out of them and began undressing, a trail of clothes marking her path from the bedroom to her master bath. 

A hot bath was just what she needed. That and a few more sips of wine. After turning the water on full force in a Jacuzzi tub big enough to hold six people, she peeked back into the bedroom to see where she left her glass.

“There you are.” She retrieved the drink and placed it on the bathroom sink, then delicately submerged herself in the hot bubble bath. Laying her head against the pillow rest, she felt some of the day’s tension begin to melt away.

Just as she closed her eyes and relaxed, her Blackberry sounded off from the bedroom. At this time of night, it could only be one person. Her first instinct was to ignore it. But her curious side told her to get up and read the text message.

Against her better judgment, Taylor got out of the tub and wrapped a bath towel around her slender body. She swiftly tiptoed across the floor and into the bedroom, trying not to let too much water puddle around her feet. She reached for her purse but thought better of it and dried her hands before rummaging through the side pocket of the bag.

Retrieving the phone she pushed the view button. “Hey beautiful, I miss you and want to see you tonight.”

If heart rates were measured in miles per hour instead of beats per minute, hers was going way past the speed limit. She knew she should’ve pressed delete. But knowing and doing were two different things.

Shiny nails clicking against the keys sounded like Morse code as her thumbs tapped out “I miss you too, babe, and I want to see you.” She pressed the send button and waited for a reply. Within seconds, her phone sounded again. “Can you come tonight, babe?”

Taylor pushed aside her purse so she could see the nightstand clock. “Midnight,” she muttered. She had no business hooking up with him at all, let alone at this time of night. But flashbacks of all the things he could do to her body and the way he made her feel seemed to be calling the shots. “I’ll see you in forty minutes,” she typed back.

“Okay, babe. See you soon and please hurry.”

Why in the world am I doing this yet again? After her last session, she told herself that was it. But in the past year, her body seemed to yearn for him constantly. She couldn’t go through a single day without thinking about his “red light special,” as he called it. Every time she closed her eyes, he appeared naked and sweaty. All she wanted—all day, everyday—was him inside of her.

Taylor tossed her Blackberry onto the bed, looked into her closet, and debated about what to wear. She always made sure she looked desirable … delicious … delectable when she visited him. No particular outfit seemed to jump out at her. But there was no question about what fragrance to wear: scented rose peach lotion from Victoria’s Secret.

She moved to her dresser, opened the bottle, and rubbed the lotion all over her body, paying special attention to his two favorite places to nibble—her neck and legs. The butterscotch skin, brown eyes, and petite body that were reflected in the mirror as she massaged her legs made her feel extra sexy. She stood and did a little sensual dance as she opened her underwear drawer, selected a striking red lace thong, and slipped it up her legs.

Some teeny devil must have been sitting on her shoulder urging her on. “Yeah, this thong is all the clothes you’re going to need.” She pulled her four-inch red pumps out the closet and slid them on her feet. “Sorry, babies,” she told her aching feet, “but I gotta look good tonight.”

 She snatched her wallet out of her purse off the nightstand and her Blackberry off the bed as she walked to the living room closet. Wrapping up in the long, black, fox fur coat would protect her from the chilly November weather.

She punched in the code to activate her house alarm and stepped out the door. The brisk, windy Chicago air reminded her that she was virtually naked. She hurried to her silver BMW X5, popped the alarm, got in, and turned the ignition.

Guilt began to creep in. Or was it the voice of reason? Whatever it was, it made her want to go back into the house. She dropped her head into her hands, shaking it back and forth in disbelief and disappointment. Her inner voice got on her case. Damn it! What are you doing, Taylor? You can’t continue to do this to yourself. All good things do come to an end. But regardless of how the thoughts resonated, she couldn’t resist the tug at her heart.

She pulled out of the horseshoe driveway and headed West on I‑94; it was almost as though the BMW had a mind of its own. Her conscience bothered her again. Turn this car around right now. You said the last time was the last time. If he finds out your secret, you will lose him forever.

Taylor tuned out the nagging thoughts and pressed harder on the accelerator. A few minutes later, she pulled up to the loft and into his designated visitor parking space.

“Damn, I forgot to put on makeup,” she said as she flipped the visor down and checked her face. Her hair was still semi-wet from her steamy bath. Fluffing up her reddish brown soft curls would have to suffice. She took a quick look inside her fur coat, still unable to believe that she left the house wearing nothing but a thong and heels. Lord, that man knew how to bring out the untamed part of her! She pulled her coat closer. “This time will be the last time, I promise.”

The clock on the dashboard read 12:45 a.m. She got out before she lost her nerve, stilettos clacking against the concrete as she walked across the parking area and up the stairs. When the elevator arrived, she pulled out her key to the loft.

What new adventure will he take me on this time? Her pussy was becoming so wet that if she didn’t stop thinking like this, she would have to toss her panties before making it upstairs. The numbers on the screen above her head lit up as the elevator ascended to the eighth floor.

 She stepped off and turned left down the long, narrow hallway. In front of Suite 822, she lifted her arm for one delicate knock.

Kalon slid open the steel door, looking sexy as ever. He had on no shirt, proudly displaying his six-pack. His jeans rode low on his hips and he was barefoot.    “Hey, babe, come on in.” He reached out, grabbed her hand, pulled her softly into the dim room, and kissed her on the neck. 

The flood gates between Taylor’s legs instantly released. Damn, there go my sexy panties. He reached for her coat and slowly slid it off of her shoulders. Her lips curled into a devilish grin as she watched his reaction when he saw she was naked except for the sexy, now-damp thong.

“Babe, you did all this for me?”


Kalon ran his tongue across his bottom lip.

She turned to give him a view of her backside. “You ready for me? ’Cause I know I’m ready for you.”

He pulled her close and nipped at her earlobe. “I thought maybe we should eat a snack and then go to bed.”

Taylor stepped back, placed her hands on her hips, and poked out her bottom lip. She only had a few hours. She intended to make the most of them. Her hand touched the sensitive area on his chest, and he took in a sharp breath. “Let’s skip the snack and go to bed.” Hand sliding down to his navel, she added in a pouty tone, “Now.”

“Dang. Why the rush, babe? We’ve got time. And besides, what I want to do to you can’t be hurried.”

“Well …” Her voice trailed off. “I have to go to church with my family tomorrow.” That was true—kind of. Too nervous to look into his eyes, she stared down at his toes peering out from the frayed hems of his jeans. She had never been a good liar.

Kalon raised his left eyebrow and looked at her sideways. She hoped he didn’t see through her lie. Giving her a sexy grin, he picked her up and said, “Okay, babe, let’s go to bed.” Her legs straddled his hips as he walked to the bedroom. He nestled his face in her hair as he whispered into her ear, “I’m going to make you feel beautiful tonight.”

He positioned her on his silky red sheets and unzipped his jeans, never taking his eyes off her body. He bent slightly at the waist and tugged the skin-tight denim down his hips, unleashing his manhood. With a strong grip, he stroked it once.

Taylor’s breathing sped up.

He slowly came toward her. “Red sheets, red thong,” he softly groaned, “and red stilettos.” He got on the bed, his body hovering over hers. “Red is supposed to mean stop. But ain’t gonna be no stopping tonight. You hear me?”

Melting into the sheets as he lowered his body onto hers, Taylor responded to his every move. “Don’t ever let this end,” she pleaded and clutched him to her. His muscular body ground even harder against her.

She shuddered to think what Kalon would do if he knew her secret: he was sleeping with a married woman.

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