Monday, August 5, 2013

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters

Meander 1 Finished the Phoenix series by Lackey and Mallory. I should say re-read. Also read Beacon of Love by Allie Boniface. Enjoyed the switch in pace from fantasy to romance. There's a bit of suspense in the story that kept me moving from page to page. I am now reading books I can't talk about for months and months. But that's all right, too.

Meander 2 is about pushing the limits. Not in a bad way but pushing myself to attempt to do new things in my stories. I've written a romance with darker undertones to the hero and heroine's background. Normal people are usually my thing not that these characters are abnormal. It's just that their pasts have had an impact on who they are and where they're going.

For the 3rd meander, my writing. This is going well. Am on the next to last draft of A Spicy Seduction which ends up the series. I did not an epilogue but a last scene to wrap the series together. It's not an epilogue because there's no prologue. I like balance in the story. This also ends with the hero which is where this particular story began. Finished roughing in Rekindled Dreams and there are holes in the plot bigger than a battleship. They will come around since by the time I ended the final chapter of this draft, I knew what the external conflict would be and found the perfect character to perform this chore. That's what I like about rough drafts. Allows you to push around and decide where the story will go. Also had an idea for the opening story in the Amber Chronicles. Since I have all these stories back, they do belong in a book with all of them. The Amber Orb will trigger off the stories and provide the trigger for the other stories. There will be one more story to write in this series, The Amber Cage. Then I'll assemble all the stories, and cut out things from one that's really long and find a way to start it. Will be busy busy for a while.

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Allie Boniface said...

Thanks Janet! Glad you enjoyed Beacon of Love :)