Monday, March 5, 2012

5 March - Week behind and week ahead

First the winner of an autographed copy of Come Into the Light is Pat Dale. An email has been sent to her.

Last week was a busy one for writing I have completed all but the last chapter of A Surprising Seduction. Having a bit of trouble finding the right ending but that will happpen. Not that I don't know how it will end it's just finding the right words. That will happen. The main problem is finding the right words for the heroine's change of heart.

This week, besides working to find the right words I've begin doing a blocking in of the next Katherine Miller mystery. Title will either be The Micro-manager Murder or Murder of a Micro-manager. Will figure this out later. Writing this mystery will be a complete switch for me in a way. I usually write third person with more than one character having a viewpoint. The murder stories are told in first person. Here I usually have to rein the heroine in since she can go off on tangents. This book also features her marriage to Lars who has gradually become a character of interest in the stories. Of course Robespierre will have a role in the story but not in the mystery since Katherine takes off to help a friend and leaves her wedding reception. Lars must follow her and since he's not in favor of her crime solving their marriage may be off to a little bit of a rocky start.

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