Monday, March 26, 2012

26 March - Week Behind and Week Ahead

First of all. catslady5 is the winner of a copy of Requiem Murder.

Last week was a busy one in my writing life. I finished the rough draft of The Micro-manager Murder and decided that I had begun in the wrong place. So what else is new. This happens frequently. But here this was an important issue. How can one murder a micro-manager if she's not seen in action. Showing her managing manners is important to the story. Other things could be woven in as well. I also outlined the chapters for a new series of fantasy romances that will be either short novels or novellas. The difference between them are a bit hard to discern. For now it's called the Hiring Hall but that may change as I get more into the series.

This week I'll be starting the new chapters on the MM Murders. What's fun is in the rough draft there are a lot of blank spaces for names of people from the other books. Since Katherine's getting married people who once appeared will be making bit appearances. This time Katherine is leaving her beloved Hudson River village for Vermont and her friend's shop called Herbal Haven. Changed the name of the shop several times. Also had to change some of the new character's names since I needed names to fit their generations.

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