Monday, March 12, 2012

12 March - Week Behind and Week Ahead

I am nearing the end of a Surprising Sedcution. Last week I finally solved the ending of the final chapter. I had rushed the ending and needed to add a final chapter by breaking the previous one. This done, rewritten and revised. Don't kow about anyone else but the ending of a project alway pumps me up. Especially when I find an ending that satisfies me. Since this is a romance, all the problems of Lauren and Tony are solved and they can look forward to sharing love for themselves and their orphaned nephew. Both of the characters have learned just what assuming makes one and they have changed, of course not completely. No one ever does.

This week I'll finish typing in all the changes putting in the missing words, changing the wrong ones typed in. This includes things the spell checker never sees. The fingers hit the f instead of the g and you have five instead give. Little things like that are important. I've gone through this twice now and even on the second read through found errors I never caught. I'm sure the editor will find others. The eyes do tend to see what should be there instead of what is there.

This week I'll start the rough draft of The Micro-Manager Murder featuring Katherine Miller. Katherine is marrying Lars a man who began as a bridge partner and friend in the first book and now has given Katherine a second chance at love. Robespierre will have a smaller part in this book since Katherine will take off to aid a friend, leaving her wedding reception to run away. Lars is left to follow.

I'll also be thinking more about a new idea I have called The Hiring Hall which will be a series of short novels revolving around Astrology and healing dying planets. Now sure where it's going or even if there is a real viability in the stories but I will try.

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