Monday, March 19, 2012

19 March My Writing World

The winner of an autographed copy of Murder and Mint Tea is Royal Cheryl. I'll be sending the book along during the week.

Last week I finished A Surprising Seduction and have sent it off to a publisher. Was totally surprised at how fast this book wrote itself once I found the proper starting place. The hero was prone to making assumptions and we all know what that makes him. But he learned things about himself and his way of living during the story. The heroine also has to admit to having made assumptions. Began to organize and the rough draft of The Micro-Manager Murder. Rough drafts are fun because one doesn't have to wrooy about the small details. This draft is rather like the forest and not the trees. That will come later as I work on further drafts.

Goal for this week is to finish the rough draft. Love the number of things I've been learning about the characters and wat's going on in the plot as the story progresses. We'll see since I did go beyond the halfway mark last week. Will end up with between ten thousand words and twenty thousand which for me is a good start and knowing what changes to make in the beginning and to plant some red herrings is a good idea.

A sort of peeve. Lately I have been coming across heros that smirk. I do not like the idea of a hero smirking. Don't know why this bothers me except I think of smirking as something a 10 year old would do. Sort of Ya Ya Look at me. I'm better than you sort of thing. I'd rather see the hero's look. An arched brow, a knowing look andything but a smirk.

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Terri Bruce said...

OMG, when I critique I totally flag any character over the age of 16 who smirks! It drives me nuts - adults should not be smirking (or rolling their eyes). It makes me think of a teenager whenever I read it! LOL!