Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday - another kind of plot - Rescue

Here is another action plot where what's happening is more important than who is doing the action. The most imporatnt character in this plot is the hero or heroine. This is the person who attempts the rescue of the victim who is a person who for some reason is a prisoner of the villain. Theis is the second most important person in a rescue story.

When writing this kind of story, the rescuerer and the taker must be of equal strength and have equal motivation. Elements of this are often found in suspense stories. The rescuer must be the one who saves the captive.

This kind of story is usually black and white but shades of gray can add to the suspense. The rescuerer pursues the taker to save the captive. A confrontation between the two is essential and the rescuerer must win. If not this becomes a different kind of story.

Make sure what the taker has stolen be it a person is someone the rescuerer is entitled to have like a child, a lover, a person important to the rescuerer or to the world. Make sure there are numerous interactions between the two. The taker will constantly prevent the rescuerer from obtaining his goal.

The captive is usually the weakest of the three characters in this kind of plot.

Elements of this kind of plot can occur in other kinds of stories and can take place in various ways.

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