Monday, January 2, 2012

2 January - Week behind and week ahead

Busy, busy last week with house overflowing with children and grandchildren plus my sister. Though I did very little writing, I did manage to squeeze a bit in and so I'm doing the final draft of The Chosen of Horu. This is the draft to remove the typos and the words that have all the right letters in the wrong places form instead of from or one letter wrong like clam instead of clan. Not a fun job but one that is necessary. When one sends a mss. out it should be as clean as possible. That's the aim.

This week besides working on the final draft of this epic, I must write to a publisher and discover if they want the 4th book of a series. It's been with them since August and re-sent in I believe September. If they don't want it, I have a place to send it.

Looking at goals for the year. I'll finish the Chosen of Horu and hopefully do the fifth Seduction story plus a new Mrs. Miller story. About her wedding day and how she leaves before the reception to go to the aid of a friend. Her new husband must follow her. This is the Micro-manager Murder. Love the title, hate that kind of person.

Do you have goals for the year. I don't make resolutions and I try to set goals that are possible to reach.

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Liz said...

Hi Janet - Happy New Year! As you know I lked to set goals