Monday, January 9, 2012

9 January - Behind and Ahead

Last week was back to normal week and no resolutions made. Did set some goals and am moving forward with them. Have about 20 chapters to finish cleaning up and The Chosen of Horu will be off to the publisher. Did a lot of toying around with A Surprising Seduction and finally think I've got it on the right track. What I brainstormed with a friend has changed in many ways. No surprise there.

This week I'll continue with work on The Chosen and that's a slow progress and the ruler rule. Prited out the chapters and am going over them for those dreaded words that are words but not the right word because of letter reversal. I'll have a sort of chapter synopsis for Surprising and will start blocking in the scenes.

About brain-storming. Always a good thing to do with a friend or two, especially one who knows how your mind works. I've been thinking about how I write and it's not necessarily the character who comes first. Usually more vague than that. What I had was a character's name. Since he's mentioned in one of the other Seduction stories, his name must remain. I also knew he was an attorney. Suddenly and surprisingly I learned his brother and wife had died and left him in joint guardianship of a small child. The child started out to be 18 months but had now become 9 months. Who knows what happens. Did the brainstorming work. Yes, because it set my mind to work on finding the story behind the few details I knew and managed to make this a simpler story to tell.

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