Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Inspiration - Muse or Not

Reading through an old Writer's Handbook I came upon a short piece by Sidney Sheldon. One part caught my attention. The importance of having a schedule and to sit down and write even if the muse was absent. This calls for organization and setting a certain time to write. This led me to thoughts of the "Muse." I think I'm a writer without one. The story ideas come and I sit down to write. There is no creature on my shoulder telling me what to put down on the paper. I write even on those days when I would rather not.

I do wish I could understand what role a muse played in a writer's career. Waiting for some inspiration and writing only when this inspiration is hot wouldn't get much writing done. I've found at times forcing myself to face a segment in a story when I don't feel like writing brings some very good segments.

Yesterday, I began typing in the first chapter of a story and suddenly I realized it was, not all wrong but that the story had begun in the wrong place for the kind of story I intended to tell. Not all of the chapter is lost work, some pieces will be saved and worked into the new beginning. The point here is that I didn't wait to be inspired by a mythical muse but by my knowledge of the characters and the way the story should be told. I also know if I wait for a Muse, I'd never get any writing done.

What about you? Do you write every day or sit and wait for the "Muse" to tap you on the shoulder?


John Klawitter said...

perhaps, ecl, you do not understand. The muse has convinced you to sit in the first place. Otherwise you would drift out into the kitchen for a cup of coffee and to watch the morning TV blather. You don't have a muse. The muse has you.

JL Walters said...

Sorry about my doubts. I just apply my seat to the desk and write. I am inspired by other writers, though.

Charmaine Gordon said...

As writer of many books, you know the work ethic is all about, Janet. I admire your perseverance and talent. Never waiting for a muse myself, I'm there at the laptop and the story unfolds.Thanks for another delightful post