Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Astrological characters

While wondering what happens when Astrological opposites meet, I developed three books using this idea. On Opposites Sites pits Jenessa against Eric. She is an Aries signfied by someone who charges in sword in hand. He is a Libra, a man who weighs everything and looks at both sides of a situation. She is union and he is management, but in the end they find a fight they can both take on. In A Minor Opposition, Laurel is a Taurus. She wants a home and a family. Alex is a Scorpio. Family is important to him. He has been divorced but his wife is now dead. She was wealthy and spoiled and Alex has problems with people who have money. Laurel does and she is nothing like Alex believes she has. Through Alex's son, they make a connection. In A Double Opposition, Liz is a Gemini. She has twin sons and is a widow. Jeff is a Sagittarius and often puts his foot in his mouth. He is a widower who had a perfect marriage and isn't looking for another wife. Sparks fly between he and Liz and her runaway sons bring them together. All three books are available from New Concepts Publishing.

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