Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Astrology and Characters

In my latest release The Henge Betrayed -- Flight, the characters are based in Astrology and my grandchildren. Each of the children belongs to one of the four elements. Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Instead of giving them a moon and ascendant different from their Sun Signs, these characters are tripled. Ashlea is Air and has an affinity for all things pertaining to Air. She plays a flute that allows her to use her affinity. Brandien, her twin, is Water. His affinity allows him to hone in on the emotions of others. He bears a scrying bowl. Kylandra is Fire. She carries a sword that can produce flame to aid her. Jaydren is Earth and has a staff of living wood. He can use all products of the earth. These four must flee their home and find a safe place, hiding from Dom Senet. an evil man who desires to use the four to gain power over the land. During their flight, they meet with Alizand, the son of the prince of Wesran. Like the four, he is a half-breed and he fears the dom, too. They reach what should have been a safe place in Cedris only to find this place isn't safe. This book is available from Mundania Press.

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