Sunday, February 24, 2008


I've seen things on other lists about dragons and how they're depicted. I happen to like dragons but until recently I haven't written about them. I've begun a new book called The Dragons of Fyre. Here, the dragons are of three types, red, blue and green. As the green ages, he becomes yellow. At this point these dragons speak to people who are called speakers. These communications are mental. Those speakers who do not need a tea made from fyrethorn berries can speak to any and all dragons. Those who must take the tea can only speak to one dragon. So far, the main speakers are the Old One, a yellow and Verde, a green. The hero Drakon and the heroine, Arana have both been slaves and have escaped. But back to the dragons. The yellow because of his age speaks more adult like and so does Verde, except when he's excited.

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