Monday, February 18, 2008


As promised, I'm back to speak about characters. When creating characters, I often use Astrology, assigning the character a Sun sign, a Moon sign and an Ascendant. This gives me many characteristics to determine what the character desires, what drives them to seek their desires and what traits could prevent their obtaining their goals. Then I do one more thing. I run that character through myself. I wonder how many writers put a bit of themselves in their characters. Of the characters I've created, Katherine Miller, heroine of Murder and Mint Tea, Requiem Murder and The Midas Murders is closest to being me, except she's a fabulous cook, and a former church organist. Her stories are available from New Concepts Publishing, one of my many publishers.
I'll talk about some of my other characters on other days. If anyone chooses to talk about how and why they create their characters or comment on the characters of mine they know, feel free, but no bashing. Janet

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