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Arranging a Dream: A Memoir


In 1975, budding entrepreneurs Ted and Janet purchase a floral shop and greenhouses where they plan to grow their dream. Leaving friends and family behind in Illinois and losing the security of two paychecks, they transplant themselves, their one-year-old daughter, and all their belongings to Fremont, Michigan, where they know no one. 


Will the retiring business owners nurture Ted and Janet as they struggle to develop a blooming business, or will they desert the inexperienced young couple to wither and die in their new environment?


Most of all, can Ted and Janet grow together as they cultivate a loving marriage, juggle parenting with work, and root a thriving business?


Follow this couple’s inspiring story, filled with the joy and triumphs and the obstacles and failures experienced as they travel along the turbulent path of turning dreams into reality.

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Dangerous Sanctuary

Pastor Christine Hobbs has been in the pulpit business for over five years. She never imagined herself caring for a flock that includes a pig, a kangaroo, and a murderer. 


Detective Cole Stephens doesn't want the pretty pastor to get away with murdering the church music director. His investigative methods infuriate Christine as much as his deep brown eyes attract her.


Can they find the real killer and build a loving relationship based on trust?


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Girls Succeed! Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women (for girls 9-12 years old)


Do you dream about what you want to be when you grow up?
Meet sixteen contemporary women who had ambitious dreams when they were girls.
Find out how they made those dreams come true. Their stories assure you that your dream career can come true too!

Readers cheer for these incredible women as they overcome obstacles and crash through barriers to complete their goals. Join these hard-working women during a typical workday. Learn about the achievements they have reached in their chosen careers.

Girls Succeed: Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women includes stories about 21st-century women who have discovered cures to stamp out disease, made people laugh, earned Olympic and Paralympic gold medals, crossed the country behind the wheel of an 18-wheel semi-truck, and more. Meet the people who mentored these dreamers and helped them negotiate the curves and bumps

along the way.


The Girls Succeed Reader's Guide, included in this book, suggests project and discussion ideas for classroom teachers and home-school educators to expand on themes covered in the book such as trailblazers, feeling different, persistence, and more.


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