Monday, February 11, 2019

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishingLTD #Poem #Writing

Meander 1 _Poem - The Steeple Chase --

A horse of wood sits
Upon a rod of steel
Ane he perches on top
Leaning forward with his feet
Dangling against his wooden mount.
They're off
The race begins
His horse is number four.
He kicks his feet  against the sides
And urges the horse to hurry.
The crowd is screaming, shouting, yelling
Hurry Number Four.
It's Number One in front.
Then Three
And here comes Number Four.
He takes the lead by pressing hard
But slowly the ride runs down.
He ends ahead on a circular track
And pays for another ride.

Meander 2 -House Care - The house where I live was built in 1917. Just realized it's a hundred eyars old. Learned something interesting the other day. Not really something I wanted to know but the line to the sewer was blocked. I have a in house drain which means the house was built before 1920. Interesting but not so much when every thing that should go to the sewer ends up in the basement. Now I learned that there is a ceramic pipe that is disintegrating. Guess it's old, too. Must be replaced. What fun --Not. But the old must be taken care of. At least I'm younger than the house. Not by much.

Meander 3 - Writing - I have finished the Children of Fyre and am not putting all the changes into the script. That will take days but I still have days before the month ends so I can get the finished thing off to the publisher. At this point if I can get about one chapter done a day i have plenty of time with a few days to spare. I am typing as fast as I can. Once this is off, I will slowly begin the next project and take some time to do some things around the house and with promotion,

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