Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Using the Senses #MFRWauthor #Writing #Senses

There's sothing that's better for bringing the reader into a scene as using the senses. Using sight, sound, touch, taste and smell adds to the scene. Using the senses can do a number of things/

The senses can give a character depth and show them without saying things like he was a nasty old man, Or she was a beautiful woman. Think about it for a moment and you'll see how in your thoughts images using one of the five senses to describe either character.

What about the setting. I'm sure we've all seen the ancient castle stood on the hillside/ Or what a lovely garden. But add some of the senses and you can draw the reader into the scene.

The senses can also be used to drive the plot forward. He slogged through the rising waters of the creek. A few of the senses could have the reader slogging alongiwth the character.

There is also, if you are writing in the paranormal, fantasy or science fiction field, a sixth sense. We'll call it ESP and there are many components to this.

So for the next few weeks, senses and using then will be on the agenda here.

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