Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - Thoughts on A Bit From Bird by Bird - Anne Lamott #MFRWauthor

"It's a matter of persistence, faith and hard work," This little bit sums a great part of being an author. Having this displayed above the computer might be a good idea for those time when you're wishing for those words to come or when you hit a spot where you're not sure you can work yourself out of that spot you've placed your characters in and you can't see the way out.

Persistence is doing what you want to do every day, The sun is out but you haven't reached your word goal of the day. Do you allow yourself to take off and hope the words will be there tomorrow? You could but the words may or may not appear. Set your goal for something you can easily obtain. Surpassing your goal will give you a boost.

Faith is believing in yourself. Do you sit and think I can do this or do those doubts creep in. I can't do this may soon become I won't do this.  Instead of thinking, Maybe someday I'll sell a story, it's taking away the maybe and the someday. I will sell a story. Taking the iffy thoughts and making them positive is a good way to think. So have a bit of faith in yourself.

Hard work - Writing isn't digging ditches or any other physical kind of job. Writing is hard work. Mentally hard work. It's also the kind of hard work that makes you master all those elements of what makes a story. This has happened to me. Someone says "You're writer. I wish I could just sit and put words on paper. Such an easy job." Not necessarily so. All you can do is shrug. You'll never convince anyone that what you do is hard work.

So you add persistence and faith to the hard work and you will sell a story.

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