Monday, October 5, 2015

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #poetry #writing

Meander 1 - Thinking Outside the Box - As writers this is something we're often told to think outside the box when designing our stories. I've found crossword puzzles do this for me. Suddenly you need a word to fill in a block and the definition throws you. Then you kind of slip sideways in your thinking and the word is there. Other times you've filled in some of the letters and all of a sudden you realize what the definition means. I always think, why didn't I see that? We can do this in other parts of our life. And it's fun to think of solutions for ourselves or our characters that aren't expected in the path you've been following.

Meander 2 - A poem. I remember writing this for a friend and we chuckled over the emaning.

                                                      Coffee Grounds
In the morning I always wanted hot coffee.
You never did.
For twenty years alone I drank
And filled my cup with fresh perked brew.
You stayed in bed until I called.
Your aftershave blotted the fragrance
Of my coffee beans.
Our marriage simmered on the stove.
A tiny flame of twenty years.
The oils and essences losing strength.
Turning bitter in the pot.
Until today ---
I emptied the grounds.

Meander 3 - Working hard on Wizards and hopefully will finish before the end of the year. Am doing the draft where I'm filling in all those things I hate to write when I'm rushing through the rough draft. The pages of each chapter have scribbled directions in the margins. When I finish this re-write hopefully most of the chapters will be filled to perfection or to revision where I don't have to write entire chapters again. I know of at least one that will need written again since while going over it I had to reconfigure matters. The chapter is a bit rough but once I get to the end of the draft I'll know what to do.

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