Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday's Villains - 2 Step-brothers from Escape - Affinities Book 1 #MFRWauthor #fantasy

Lodar leaned forward. “On Summer Day, come with us and we’ll show you how a fete should be enjoyed.”

“Summer Day is a long time off.”

Mandir chuckled. “If you can ditch your shadow, you can come with us tomorrow night. We’ll introduce you to some of our friends.”

“Maybe we’ll chance on those scavengers and the urchin with the magic sword,” Lodar said.

The prince turned. “What do you mean by a magic sword?”

Mandir laughed. “’Twas some kind of trick. Fire spouted from the sword. ‘Twould be fun to have a weapon like that.”

Zedron grasped Mandir’s arm. “Where and when did you see this sword?”

Alizand glanced at Dom Senet. The man’s smile was one of self-satisfaction. He leaned forward.
Alizand wondered if the Dom read the winds. Alizand swallowed. Could Lodar and Mandir have seen Ky or was there a third flame sword in Cedris?

Mandir giggled. A trace of fear lay beneath his merriment. “When? Before Winter Day when scavengers are out in force. ‘Twas near the House Wesren compound.”

“Why didn’t you report this?” The prince’s voice was clipped and harsh.

Lodar laughed. “Do you want the toy, too?”

“’Tis not a toy.” Dom Senet rose and stalked toward the pair.

Mandir and Lodar pushed away from the table. Dom Senet reached them at the foot of the stairs. He placed one hand on each of their heads. Their bodies shook. Lodar screamed. “Don’t hurt me. Mother.”

Melena rose. “Who gave you leave to touch my sons?”
Dom Senet removed his hands. The pair collapsed on the steps. “I’ve learned what I need and they’ve not been harmed.”

Melena faced him. “Don’t touch them again. They’re not meat for your meddling.”

The Dom ignored her. “Zedron, what I’ve learned might help in my search for the missing ones.”

“Our search,” the prince said.

Alizand tried to make himself small. He wondered if there was a way to find his friends
and send a message. Maybe Dragen would know.

Lodar and Mandir paused partway up the steps. “Alizand, beware. Don’t be sorry.”

What did they mean? Were their words a threat or a warning? Why were they angry with him and not the Dom? Alizand reached for his goblet. He had to do something.

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