Monday, November 25, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters

Meander 1 - Plans change and mine have so what do I do with the Friday and Saturday days I didn't garner an author to take those days. Now I could do them myself and I probably will in some manner but it won't be How She Does It but it will be posts. Since I had one release last week and I believe I'll have another on Friday, I'll post excerpts from them on those days and also on Thursday. So instead of being about others, this will be about me.

Meander 2 is about promoting, sort of. I've been putting my books on the nice pages on Maniac Readers. The problem is there are so many books but I'm working on the ones from Books We Love. Then I must start on my other publishers. There are so many books. I also need a slap upside my head for forgetting a post I was supposed to do for another blog. When these opportunities occur, I need to do them at once. I sort of feel like I should be writing something like Obsessions of a Compulsive Writer. Perhaps I will. I don't have a muse but I do have stories floating in my head that want to be told now.

Meander 3. Working on putting all the corrections into Amber Chronicles and have one more segment to go. Makes me want to cheer but then I have to do the formatting and all else that goes into working on the story to get it ready for publication. I'm very pleased with these fairy like-stories and will be glad to see the collection finished. I've begun Melodic Dreams and am doing the blocking in of the love story between an Occupational Therapist, a Cancer and a Composer of music, a Taurus. Am able to draw on a daughter for one and my own twisted past for the other. Story is of course complicated in some ways but hopefully it will see the end before long. Getting that initial draft down is always where the fun and the work come in.

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