Monday, November 11, 2013

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters

Meander 1 Seems to me that many prologues aren't needed. Often they contain information the author needs to know and that the reader could discover at another time. Been reading a number of them lately and for most of them I've not wanted to read more of the story that might follow. I know there are reasons to have them. I've even occasionally used one but more often I've written them and then left the prologue out of the final version of the story. I think what a writer has to do is decide if the material in the prologue can be fitted into the story in some other way. Through dialogue, through a short flashback during a  part of the story when one of the characters is trying to come to a decision or through flashes of memories. Enough said.

Meander 2 Time. Sometimes it seems as though I don't have time to finish everything I want to write. Then new ideas come into my head and I wonder if there's time to write everything I'd like to write. Probably not but one just keeps plunging ahead.

Meander 3. Progress. Have nearly finished Rekindled Dreams and am coming to the end of The Amber Cage. Started Melodic Dreams the third in the MoonChild series. Interesting story and I'll see where it leads. Hope to finish the first two before the end of this month and then bring out the last of the alternate Egypt stories so I can put the three books out before my birthday. That's months away, so there's a chance.

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