Monday, October 28, 2013

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters

Meander 1 Saturday was a total bust. There was no water at the house because of a water main break. I had planned to go to a friend's book signing but I couldn't wash my face or brush my teeth. There'd been no warning so one could store water. Interesting since I'd also planned what I was going to feed the grandchildren when they arrived for the evening. Didn't happen. Ordered Chinese and they ate well. The water is not on but we have to boil it before we use it. There is a number I will call to see if this has changed. Was not a happy camper to have my plans changed.

Meander 2 Been reading the books I received at the conference last week. All but one were decent reads. The one was well-written but I had the plot figured out not far into the book and the repetition troubled. Me. I really must this week get to the scoring of some books I read. Interesting group of books and not ones I usually enjoy but I read them and my scoring is done.

As to my writing. I'm typing the draft of Rekindled Dreams and will get it off to someone to read. Critique group has spooked me a bit and also I needed to change the ending a bit. Am now working on The Amber Cage and it is a strange story in some ways but I like it. Rough draft is coming close to the word length I want. That is a plus. No chapters here but scenes. There are five to block in and the ending is interesting. From there I must get the other stories into place and get it ready to send to BWL. Healwoman is free for the final day. The numbers have been good and that's a plus.

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