Monday, October 14, 2013

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters

Meander 1. Healwoman has been released by Books We Love. The cover is lovely and I hope this book does better there than it has in the past since this is a re-release. Code Blue is up for free today again and the last time I looked was sitting at 40 in suspense and at about 1200 in the free best seller list. May it continue to perk along. This has my favorite villain of all times.

Meander 2. Been thinking lately about all those members who once belonged to HVRWA and who have left the group. Some of them were brilliant writers and some good writers who could have made it. As I think of the names, I wonder if they gave up their dreams when they didn't find publication. Did they go on to write. I know a few of them continued to write and have continued to be published.  They left the group for many reasons. But the ones who gave up on their dreams often trouble me. Will they return to writing. Maybe and maybe not. I may never know, but wherever they are I hope they find a way to rekindle those dreams.

Meander 3. All about me, sort of. Actually about my writing. Am moving forward with Rekindled Dreams and am looking forward to finishing this book so I can finish the Amber Chronicles. Have a few bits to fit into the first three stories and the fourth one to write. Then I can finish the third of the alternate Egypt stories. Toth's Priest and the third of the Moonchild stories. Taurus this time.

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