Monday, October 21, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters

Meander 1 - I have a website finally. Done by a friend's daughter it's really a great looking site and I'm so proud of her. If you want to take a look, remember, this is a work in progress and there will be changes coming along. As she was working on this, one of her comments was "I didn't know Janet had so many books." I didn't give her all the ones that were in the past, past and no longer available unless you want to buy a book from the seventies, So if you'd like to take a look, you'll find it here.

Meander 2 - NJRW conference was fun and interesting. The speakers were great and inspiring. Some of my friends were feeling sad that the conference was ending. This wasn't my feeling. I sort of thought, Vacation is over. I need to get home and put what I've learned into practice. Of course when I got home, I did nothing yet. Today I will. I came home exhausted. Always do and this year I came home with laryingitis. I guess I talked too much to too many people. So what else is new. Writers live a live with the creatures of their imagination. The really good thing was seeing old friends and being able to spent time with good friends, not to mention the vanilla vodka. Shocked and surprised some of the new old friends because I used some words they don't expect to hear from an old lady's mouth. The old, old friends didn't blink an eyelash since they have known me for years. I may be old enough to be their grandmother, almost but life hasn't been sweet and smiles. But I'd like to thank Diana Cosby who has visited this blog, Connie Brockway, Eloisa James and Margaret Mallory for their interesting and inspiring information about writing and being a writer. May you ladies reign long in the genre.

Now the writing. One more chapter to write on the current draft of Rekindled Dreams. This is the pivotal one and five drafts from the beginning and I've finally figured how the ending has to be. This is the hero's story. He has the most to win and the most to lose if he doesn't play the ending right. So I'll be off to get him into action. May he not blow his chance for a happy ending.

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