Monday, June 17, 2013

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters

I spend last week in rough draft mode. More about that later. When In rough draft mode, I read between scenes to clear my mind and to make sure I don't drift too far off track. Last week saw me reading several paperbacks and some on the Kindle. Sky Dragons by the McCaffrey's Anne and Todd was the first. I've followed the Pern series for years and do love dragons since there are dozens on the shelf above my computer. Then I found another dragon story to read Naomi Novak's Crucible of Gold. Once these were read, I went back to the Kindle and read several mysteries in the Ardis Cole series by Britton and Jackson. Love archaeology so these books took me from Egypt to Scotland and to China. Good reads. There are more in the series but none available yet on the Kindle.

Now to the rough draft. Finished the tale on Saturday and found more plot holes than one could ever hope to find. What that means is the next draft will plug the holes and shift scenes around. Started in the wrong place, sort of. Too much back story that needs to be in the book but not all at first. A Spicy Seduction in rough draft ended up not too spicy but then I don't like to write out the love scenes until I have a chance to just hone in on them. There are whole sections that say love scene goes here. Then I realized I'd missed a chance to put a real plot twist in the middle of the story rather than toward the end. Wimped out is what I did. Happens more often than not.

Yesterday was Father's Day. Had a few thoughts about my father. He was my biggest fan and passed my books to people he met. Long before there were street teams, he told everyone. He always told me to shoot for the stars and if I hit the fence post, at least I had tried. That's what I'm doing. Shooting for the stars and hitting the fence post a lot. But there are stories out there and stories I still need to tell.

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Melissa Keir said...

I loved Ann's Dragon series. :)