Monday, June 3, 2013

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters

First meander is about the books I've been reading or rather about the authors. James Rollins is a master of suspenseful writing. In his latest he really followed the rule of get the characters in trouble and then up the ante. I was so sure all my favorites were in deep trouble and they were. I've really invested emotions in the Sigma team and have followed them since the first adventure. So hats off to him. In a totally different kind of writing I also read Wendy Marcus' story about Nurse Scarlet. Emotion in a different vein and a nice sexy read about a nurse and doctor who care for children. Dealing with events of the past drive both of them to face emotions. So from fear to love my reading hit a lot of highs.

Second meander is about the cicadas that hum during the day. I remember 17 years ago and how my granddaughter and her friend freaked out about the "bugs" and how they wouldn't wait for the school bus. I drove them to school. Now they're back and the friend is here going to grad school. She's braver now but I didn't tell my granddaughter they are back. Hopefully she'll becoming to join the friend in the attic and go to school as well.

Meander three is about my writing. I'm winding down Shattered Dreams and have begun slowly, the next story while I'm typing the chapters of Shattered Dreams. This one is called A Spice Seduction and is the last of the Seduction series. These characters share a past but right now I've begiun chapter 1 and the rough draft promises some interesting turns. Hope to finish the first before the end of the month and the second in three months or less and then do a second Moonchild story. One will see if I'm biting off more than I can chew. Great cliche.

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