Friday, June 14, 2013

Just A Few Lines from A Knight For Love by A. M. Westerling

A Few Lines From "A Knight For Love" by A.M.Westerling

"I am Warin de Taillur," he said simply. He gestured with his chin to

the fresh mound and crudely fashioned cross. "Your traveling companion

is now in a better place."

Alyna nodded, mute in her misery, the words slowly penetrating her mind.

Traveling companion. David. She blinked hard, once, twice, against the

tears, forcing them back. She had no time to cry anymore.

She sucked in a huge, ragged breath. How rude the man must find her.

First she had hailed him, now sorrow over David's death held her tongue.

In truth, she hadn't expected the knight to stop but he had. She opened

her mouth to thank him and lifted her gaze enough to finally look him

full in the face.

And froze, mouth yet gaping.

He radiated power. It emanated from his every pore, permeating the area

around him with a tangible force she could almost reach out and touch.

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