Monday, January 3, 2011

Writing Week - January 3, 2011

Going to change this a bit. This week I'll e working on section 4 of Confrontations. Will be glad to get to section 5 but that's for next week. Holidays do tend to cut a bit into writing but I managed to make my quota every day last week. On Tuesday I'll be continuing with Bird by Bird for Inspirations. There will be more on characterizations on Wednesday. On Thursday Margaret Carter's interview will be up. This is one of my fellow Jewels of the Quill and a favorite author. Friday will see more from Becoming Your Own Critique Partner written by Jane Toombs and me. Saturday is First Chapter. Haven't decided which one of the books I'll use. There are a lot. Sunday will see me visiting three blogs. Not sure which ones yet but I'll be sure to find some interesting ones.

Now about last year. Success in seeing a number of books released or re-released. I believe there were 5 to be reissued and 3 new ones. Boggles my mind, Also learned an anthology I was part of is an EPIc ebook award finalist. This was done by the Jewels of the Quill, a group that promotes each other and does fun things like having a contest. I ran a contest on my blog and gained a number of new followers and I hope they'll remain and chime in. I'll probably be having other contests but I'm not sure what or when. Last year saw a number of close friends selling for the first time or returning to the writing life. Though there are some stubborn people out there who should be writing but aren't. Guess that's life.

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Wendy S Marcus said...

Congrats on your epic final!